I made a wrap dress last year and it wasn’t great. I was determined to try again, so I started shopping around for a pattern with a little more shaping for the bust. As I was shopping around for a wrap dress pattern, I was overwhelmed by the amount of options. I thought “My goodness, aren’t these all the same? Why are there so many?” When I took a closer look, I found that there are so many unique details! I got inspired to sew up a thousand patterns! I started categorizing, prioritizing patterns and researching the garment’s history. Basically, I’m obsessed.

So what to do with this obsession? Make all the things! Inspired by The Stitch Sisters’ series Battle of the Culottes,  I’ve divided the patterns I’ve chosen into four categories – Work to Weekend, Vintage Inspired, Extra and Knit.

The Work to Weekends are the wardrobe workhorses that are functional for everyday and (almost) every occasion. I’ll be looking for patterns with clean lines and classic shapes that have multiple variations. For the Vintage Inspired set, I’ll be diving into the history of the Wrap Dress (hint: it goes back further than DVF!) and incorporating details from past decades. The Extra patterns all have beautiful details that set them apart. Lastly, I’ll sew up some Knit wraps just in time for the cooler weather.

For each pattern, the only qualification is that the dress be a real wrap – no zip or pullovers, only real wrap around closures (buttons or hooks for security are fine). I’ll be comparing patterns and techniques, as well as sharing some history.  The Wrap Dress is a timeless piece that doesn’t ever not look good. I’m so excited to get sewing!