Dress refashioned into Sheridan(ish) sweater

Lessons Learned: Knits aren’t as totally forgiving as I thought – next time, hack with caution. So this one’s not a total flop, but it’s certainly not a favorite. I made myself a nice, cozy around-the-house top. I thought I could save an ill-fitting wrap dress by making it into a sweater. Basically I kept the sleeves of the dress, cut the bodice from the skirt and used the tie closure as the waistband. The sleeve doesn’t sit quite right and the shoulders are off. I think I would like it better if I took it in at the waist like I’ve done with my other Sheridan sweaters.

Next Steps: Ehhh, someday I might go in and unpick the waistband and bring in the side seams. I also might not.

Pattern: Hack of Hey June Sheridan bodice + sleeves from Vogue 8379

Fabric & Notions: 1 refashioned dress (Sheridan requires 1.5M)

Size: 16