Do I usually sing about my sewing? No…But when a pattern is this good and there happens to be a very singable 1960’s song with a similar name, I sing about my sewing. I’m so excited about the Sheridan Sweater from Hey June! I was searching for the perfect sweater pattern and I sure found it. After I made the first one I immediately cut and sewed two more! I can’t even decide which of the three is my favorite.

During Love to Sew Dream Wardrobe process, I had decided on three sweater patterns that sort of matched with my inspiration and direction. I waited for the Black Friday sales. I was ready to purchase. Then Hey June dropped the Sheridan Sweater and I stopped in my tracks. It was everything I wanted.

I was totally won over by all the variation in this pattern. The main difference is the two necklines – a shallow scoop and built up bateau. Then you can mix and match those necklines with three different sleeve options, two hem lengths and a waistband option!

I was most drawn to the scoop neck with the big, cuffed bishop sleeve so I made that one first. I’ve been surprised by how much I love my 1970-esq bateau and bell version. For my third version I refashioned a dress, cutting the bodice from the skirt pieces and keeping the original dress sleeves. I’m excited to make the elasticated sleeves next!

I had only planned to make one Sheridan sweater, but after my first one I was in love! This beautiful forest green french terry was the perfect match for this pattern. I choose the scoop neck with cuffed bishop sleeve at hip length with the waistband. The waistband is too tight because I should have cut it in the direction with the most stretch which in this case would have been length-wise. This mostly means it sits a little higher on my hips than I intended, but that’s okay. The only adjustment I made was to bring the sweater in slightly at the waist. I pinched out 4 centimeters and graded out to the arm hole and hem.

My second version was a bit of a gamble, but I’m so happy with my snuggly sweatshirt! On the Hey June blog, Adrianna specially states that this sweater is NOT intended for sweatshirting. I decided to take my chances. It totally paid off! I knew it wouldn’t be stretchy enough for a neckband to sit flat and would likely be too bulky for cuffs, so I went for the bateau neckline and the bell sleeves. (I could have gotten away with the other view if I used ribbing, but I didn’t have a good match on hand.) I made the same alteration as the green one, taking 4 centimeters out of the waist. Additionally, I added a bit of width to the waistband since the fabric has less stretch.

My third one was admittedly a little bit of a hodgepodge. I refashioned a wrap dress that didn’t fit right. As much as I wanted some more sleeve drama in this lovely mauve french terry, there just wasn’t enough fabric. I kept the sleeves from the dress and cut the bodice and neckband from the skirt. I used the wrap ties from the dress to make the waistband. Unlike the other two, I didn’t take any width out of the waist so it’s a bit more boxy and relaxed than my other versions. I haven’t quite decided if I like it enough to keep it or if I’ll go back and curve the waist in a bit.

I cannot gush enough about this pattern. Hey June, you hit it out of the park with this one. It’s everything I was hoping for in an elevated sweatshirt pattern. I love that’s it’s comfy and cozy without giving up style and drama. It’s my perfect winter garment that I can wear just about anywhere.

I’m sure I’ll be back soon with another Hey June Sheridan! Til then thanks for reading and happy sewing!