Designer Stitch KeeLin Top

Lessons Learned: I love this pattern! I can’t wait to get this top in my wardrobe! I’m so glad I toiled it though. I made some quick and dirty adjustments to make this fit, but I want to try to do it right before I cut into my gorgeous ochre textured viscose.

Next Steps: I need to play around a bit more with the fit. I want to see if the size 7 with a narrow shoulder and a shallow chest adjustment is best or if I should size down and do a broad back adjustment.

Pattern: Designer Stitch KeeLin Top and Dress

Fabric & Notions: 2 Meters Viscose Crepe

Design Modifications: Cut the the dress at the hip line instead of adding the peplum. Eliminated the back closure

Fit Alterations: Took 6 cm out the shoulders. Graded out to 2cm SA at wrist and hip from the the underarm point.

Size: 7C

Difficulty: Advanced Beginner