Tilly and the Buttons Indigo dress. Sleeves, neckline and hem are unfinished.

Lessons Learned: I was hoping to replace my favorite RTW smock dress. This isn’t it. It’s too tight in some places and too big in others. I think I’d need a lot of fit adjustments to make this dress what I want it to be. I’m actually quite annoyed with all the talk about how easy it is to fit. Getting an oversized garment to sit right is just as tricky as a close fitting one.

Next Steps: For now, I’m setting aside my smock dress ideas. I think I’ll have better luck adapting a top than trying to work this pattern into what I’m wanting. I plan on using the fabric for a Designer Stitch KeeLin top.

Pattern: Tilly and the Buttons Indigo

Fabric & Notions: 2.5 Meters Viscose

Design Modifications: None

Fit Alterations: Reduced seam allowance to 7mm around high bust

Size: 7

Difficulty: Easy for construction, intermediate for fitting