Autumn, remember autumn? It feels like so long ago. Way back in September – way back before we moved into our new house, Em and I went to America, celebrated the winter holidays, sold my parents’ house, Em and I came back from America – ya, way back then, I made a little wish list of garment to make in the fall. it was sort of like a mini Make Nine, er Make Ten. Here you can see how I was hopeful to get in four tops, three bottoms and three dresses. I definitely didn’t get in everything, but I’m pretty satisfied with my progress, given what a crazy time it was. Fall is long gone, but I’m finally getting around to sharing what I’ve made.


I managed to make two out of the four on my wish list. Not too bad, but I’m still really feeling the plain-tee and solid-blouse-shaped holes in my wardrobe, so hopefully I’ll get some whipped up soon. It’s a little sad to say, but both my Sew Over It Molly and Gertie’s Butterick B6285 tops were a little disappointing in terms of wearability. In terms of learning, they were both really great sewing experiences. They were my first ever projects working with lightweight jersey. For that I’m grateful for the experience and the knowledge I’ve gained.

I just don’t love the shaping on the Molly Top. I used a nice lightweight, drapey viscose jersey as the pattern specifies, but it awkwardly clings to my pants at the hips and looks extra bulky.

The Gertie wrap top is so nice, but it’s just too short to be a top. It works all right over sleeveless dresses, like this Kensie dress from Macy’s a few seasons ago. I made this top hoping to wear it with my high-waisted jeans and skirts. The other bummer about this pattern is that it’s a total fabric hog – 2.5 Meters for a crop top! It’s self-lined, which makes it feels really nice, but I’d rather find a new pattern that uses half as much fabric.


I didn’t make as much progress in this category as I would have liked, making only one of the three items I’d hoped. The Sew Over It Mia Jeans are rolling over into my Winter/Early Spring plans, which I’ll hopefully be posting next week or so. In my September Sew and Tell, I chat through how I set out to make cosy lounge pants with Butterick B6388 and ended up with leggings instead. I’ve since learned a bit more about how Big Four patterns, so now I have a better idea of how to fit them. Even so , if I were to try again, I’d want to repurchase the pattern in a smaller size.


Four out of three! Ding! Ding! Ding! Dresses are always my favorite garments to sew and to wear. I think I may have even found my new favorite pattern! I instantly fell in love with Vogue V9328 when it came out late summer. I made Views A (with some extra modifications) and C and I love them both so much!


I hope to write up a post just for these two, but until then, I’ll say that it was bumpy, but I love both finished pieces. The classic bodice and skirt are balanced by the detailing in the sleeves. Though I skipped it for these autumnal dresses, the pattern has a back keyhole that is gorgeous and I’m excited to make a version with the flutter sleeve and keyhole back this summer.

In October, I made this lovely Tilly and the Buttons Francoise dress from a thrifted velvet curtain. So cozy! Read all about the Refashions 2018 challenge and my pattern review Here.

Lastly, and fresh-off-the-machine is this McCall’s 7381 in a navy swiss dot. I’ve been wanting this dress in my wardrobe for ages and I’m really happy with it. I may go back and swap the elastic for waist ties in the back because elastic tends to ride up, but for now I’m really happy with it. I love the 70’s vibe that’s still suitable for everyday wear.

My goal since starting this blog is to make three garments per month, give or take. However, I think I prefer setting plans for the season rather than three months. It gives me a little more freedom than a stauncher monthly goal. So! I’ll be back soon with my ideas for the rest of winter. For now, please enjoy these bonus shots of the little photo bomber!