Early autumn and early spring are my favorite times of the year. I love the sense of change in the air. It’s like anything is possible. The weather is crazy and unpredictable, and it serves as sort of a reminder how little we are in control. We spend so much time trying to run our own little worlds, but then when a frigid morning turns into sunny afternoon followed by an evening thunderstorm, we are reminded that there is a world bigger than us. It’s refreshing.

The other thing I love about the transitional seasons is unpacking my seasonal wardrobe. It’s like opening up a big present! However, this year I was a bit disappointed. I opened up my big, orange suitcase to find 4 cardigans and one very tired looking pair of leggings. I didn’t bring much when I moved over here last summer and since Ember was born in the fall, my autumn winter wardrobe last year was a sad rotation of leggings and 4 maternity tops.

I’m really hoping to honor the goal I set in June to buy no more ready to wear clothes which means I’ve got a lot of work to do as these colder months set in! My autumn make wishlist is inspired by the capsule wardrobe trend. I’m really hoping to create a functional collection of separates and dresses that are super easy to wear, but still have a little classy edge and a nod to vintage style.



I know there’s nothing particularly exciting about any of these patterns, but I’m really lacking everyday staples. I’ve loved every version I’ve seen of Gertie’s B6285 and I want to make mine in a classic black. The wrap style is just so versatile! The Deer and Doe Plantain tee is FREE! It’s super popular on social media and I’m excited to whip one up in an autumnal solid or maybe a navy stripe. I’m interested to see how it compares with the Sew Over It Molly from the Sew Over It ebook My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break. The main difference seems to be in the sleeve. The Plantain tee has a traditional sleeve and the Molly top has grown on short sleeves with an added sleeve piece attatched halfway above the elbow. Also the Molly top specifically recommends a drapey jersey, where the Plantain tee calls for any lightweight jersey.  Both are beginner patterns. Last on my list is the Sew Over It Alex shirt, which is also from the City Break ebook. It comes in two lengths for a shirt or a dress. The buttonholes on this swishy oversized blouse are optional, but I’ll place them for easy nursing. While I’m prioritizing these patterns, but I may sneak in a Sew Over It Penny Shirt or even a Grainline Studio Scout Tee.  We’ll see.




I’ve never made pants so I’m gonna start with stretchy, cozy pants and then work up to jeans. I chose the Helen’s Closet Avery  leggings for two reasons: high waist and crotch gusset. The high waist makes me feel nice and tucked in and the crotch gusset allows more movement than a straight seam. I also want a pair of elevated sweat pants, something super cosy and comfy, but that I can still dress up a little to wear outside the house and not feel like I’m just in jammies. These Butterick B6388 pants feature two little front pleats, slant pockets and are meant for moderate stretch knits. Hopefully after sewing up those two, I’ll feel confident enough to take on the Sew Over It Mia jeans. I picked these jeans over the Closet Case Ginger or the Megan Nielsen Ash jeans for now because they don’t have any hardware and I’ve read that they’re effectively leggings with a button and fly. Seems like the perfect intro to jeans for me!



Onto my favorite pieces, dresses! I love these patterns for their classic shapes, but what I’m really loving are the little, trendy details! I’m most excited for Vogue V9328. Views A and C are perfect for fall and winter and view E would be sweet in the summer. I love that this dress comes with custom cup sizes and the princess seams will make it a quick bodice to sew up. I have a gorgeous dark floral in mind and I cannot wait! The Tilly and the Buttons Francoise dress is not at all new and I wasn’t ever really interested in making it until I saw a photo of SewHappy_Alex . I’d never thought to layer the sleeveless version! It’s brilliant. I’ve been on the fence about the dungaree dress trend, but I think this is the perfect middle ground for me. Plus, it totally qualifies for this year’s Refashioners instagram challenge, so I’ll be hitting up my local charity shops for a velvet or corduroy curtain. I’ve been in love with McCall’s M7381 for over a year now and it’s time for view B to get in my wardrobe! I made this pattern last summer but struggled with the fit, but recently I toiled up the bodice again (two sizes down) and it’s looking pretty good. These three are my priorities but I’m also lusting after after a shirtdress and I have a couple patterns already cut out, so one or more might sneak in there too!

Getting Started: September Plans

It’s quite a wishlist. I’m sure I won’t quite get to all of them, but goal setting does really help me make it happen. Below is what I’m committing to for the rest of September. I think I might sneak in a couple more, but I don’t want to commit to more than three makes per month.

Ocean Blue Viscose SOI Molly
I picked up this deep-water blue viscose jersey at the Stoffen Spektakel last week. Sometimes viscose jerseys can feel a bit plasticy or rough. This one is so soft and squishy. I really wanted it for the B6285 top, but there was only 1.5 meters left on the bolt, so Sew Over It Molly top it is!

Camo Green Ponte B6388
This fabric is also from the Stoffen Spektakel. I’m calling it a ponte roma, but I’m not really sure. It’s a thick jersey with a moderate amount of stretch and I’m hoping it’ll fit these cozy  pull on pants!

Denim Self Drafted Skirt
I was gifted a whopping 7 meters of this grey denim by my husband’s aunt last year. It’s on the heavier side of medium weight denims and has no stretch. I think it’ll be great as a simple and versatile A-line skirt. Since I have so much of it, I’m willing to take some risks with it and though fitted, non-stretch pants seem terrifying, I’m gonna make the True Bias Lander Pants next spring!

Thanks for reading! I’ll be posting how these all made up very soon!