I quite enjoy reviewing and assessing my wardrobe, especially at the start of a new season. I love the One Year Sewn format created by Vicky of Sewstainabity. In gearing up for cooler weather, I pulled my cozy clothes out of storage and welcomed them back into my closet. So, how am I feeling about my makes from last year? How have they held up? Do they still fit? Are they still my style? Let’s dive in!

Aalborg Dress

I love my How to Do Fashion Aalborg dress so much. I really want to prioritize wearing it more this season. I think I will reach for it more often if I replace the sleeve cuff with elastic. I hate not being able to roll up my sleeves – so impractical! The dress was a bit big when I made it last year but fits great now! This fabric, the most delicate and fine viscose, remains glorious.

Hacked Lyric Dress

Ugh. I have some resentment regarding this Love Notions Lyric dress. Back when I made it, I loved this dress so much. I felt triumphant after a tough sewing session full of pattern issues and fabric mishaps. I thought my struggles were behind me after I hemmed it up, but no. Not only does it wrinkle with every passing breath, it’s super obnoxious to iron. I was willing to accept this, but then I realized that the chest and neckline had stretched out from hanging in my closet. Now the fit is awkward and wonky, so thanks for that, stupid fabric. Wanna know the worst part? I bought this fabric in three colors.

Valerie Dress

This was my tester version of the Valerie dress by Forget-Me-Not Patterns. It’s wonky, but I love it. After the testing run, the issue of the “too long bodice” was resolved. Thankfully the print hides the long waist pretty well, especially since I added the tie belt. I wish my fabric held up better. It’s not terrible, but certainly enough to turn me off of dark printed viscose fabrics. It’s pilling enough to notice, but not enough that a shave with my pill eater makes a difference. Fuzzies aside, I still love wearing this dress. I have plans for a leopard version this season!

A Slew of Sheridans

Was I a bit obsessed with the Hey June Sheridan Sweater last year? Yeah, maybe a bit. I made four. I still love this style though. Of all my cold-weather clothes, I was most excited about unpacking these. Some versions have stood the test of time better than others.

The green one has held up great through multiple washings, but is a bit small in the waistband. Totally my fault since I cut it in the direction without stretch. Oops!

My pink funnel-neck sweatshirt is possibly the version I like the most, but it’s the one I wear the least. Two reasons for that: the sleeves catch on everything, and the fabric is all bobbley and not very soft anymore.

The blue one was made with French Terry by See You at Six. Honestly, I don’t get the hype. It’s fine, but it’s showing wear much faster than I had expected.

I made the mustard cropped funnelneck version with a sweatshirting sent to me by Minerva and it is legitimately the best of the four in terms of both quality and snuggliness. If I make another sweatshirt this season, I’ll be buying more of this stuff!

Hana+Margot PJs

Minerva sent me this polka dot brushed cotton to review. I made a sweet little PJ set that, sadly, I just don’t love. I used the Hana tank by Pattern Scout and the Margot pants from Tilly and the Buttons. I love the Hana tank pattern. I have three total, but it wasn’t good for me for a PJ top since it feels constricting when I’m not wearing a bra. The pants were fine, but are now too small in the waist. I am, however, still wearing them since I don’t have any other PJ pants and these nights are getting chilly!

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my closet! I love settling into a new season and snuggling up to my old makes. I hope you do the same! Thanks for reading and happy sewing!