McCall’s 7542 Top View A

Lessons Learned: I wanted this to just be a woven T-shirt. Sadly the back was too tight and I couldn’t move my arms in the sleeves. I had just enough fabric to cut the tulip sleeve version, which gives me enough range of motion to wear this top. I don’t love the sleeves though. It’s wearable but not something I’ll reach for.

Next Steps: I chose the tulip sleeve option to make up for it being too tight across the back for regular sleeves. On my next version I’ll either do a proper broad back adjustment or size up altogether.

Pattern: McCall’s 7542

Fabric & Notions: 1 Meter Viscose Voile sold out from Stoffen Hemmers, one 20mm button

Design Modifications: Lengthened cropped option by 1 inch

Fit Alterations: None

Size: 16D

Difficulty: Easy