How is February gone already? January seemed to last forever, yet February was somehow just a blink. I feel a little silly posting a “round up” type blog since I haven’t written anything since my January post. Still, it’s a good habit to build I guess. I’ve done quite a bit of making this month, at least by my standards. I’ll share what I’ve made and some other things I’ve found exciting in the sewing world this month.

Sleepwear Set

I’ve needed new sleepwear for a long time. It’s been a dire situation. I’ve literally lost sleep over it. When I saw the eucalyptus jersey at Driessen Stoffen (now sold out), I knew it was meant to be. I’ve always loved eucalyptus and the smell is instantly relaxing. And while, sadly the fabric isn’t infused with eucalyptus fragrance, it still serves as a reminder to unwind. I decided to pick up a coordinating solid green jersey to make an addition set to mix and match, and I’m so glad I did!

For the tee, I used the new Jackson tee from Helen’s Closet. I knew I wanted something not fitted, especially across the back. The oversized nature and dropped shoulder are absolutely perfect! For the pants I used the Juno pyjamas from Tilly’s book Make It Simple. They’re comfy, but a little baggier than I was hoping. I made the shorts last because I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted. Initially I thought I’d just use the shorts version of the Juno, but since the fit wasn’t what I expected, I went another way. I used a pair of very old, very worn out jersey bike shorts to create a pattern. They’re a little tight, but I’m really happy with them.

Transformed Top

It’s so wild to me how something as little as a cuff can so dramatically change the look and feel of a garment. I made this Forget-Me-Not Vera top back in October. I was really excited to make it, but when it came off the machine, I couldn’t figure why I didn’t like it. I just wasn’t “right.” And maybe it did remind me a little of a pirate shirt…Anyway, it hung unloved in my closet for months. Finally one day I decided it needed an update. I decided I’d swap the cuffs, and if that didn’t work, I’d break out the fabric dye. But it totally did the trick! It didn’t just fix the problem, it transformed the this unloved top into my go-to tee shirt! I can’t wait to make more!

Tees All Around

Flat laid long sleeve shirts for my husband and toddler.

With The Netherlands slowly reopening, we had the awkward realization that none of our toddler’s clothes fit. Without school, Em – like the rest of us – spent her days in loungewear or PJs and it didn’t matter that everything was a little short. Suddenly, it was time to go back to school and she had no clothes! I whipped up this stripey tee so she’d have something long enough to wear that first day back. Funnily enough, the pattern I used was actually a pyjama pattern! I used the free Ellie & Mac Grow With Me PJs and eliminated the yoke to make a tee shirt.

For my husband, I also used a free pattern. The DIYB Anything But Basic tee is a tried a true pattern around here. There’s both a regular and a tall version. Paul is 6’4″ so he loves having shirts that are long enough. This organic cotton jersey fabric was originally for me, but after I botched Paul’s birthday present (R.I.P. Ilford Jacket), I decided sacrifices had to be made.

While sewing for me is definitely more enjoyable, I’ve decided that I’m going to try to sew something for Paul or Ember every month. For Paul, I can sew up better basics than he can buy in stores. And Em automatically loves everything I make, so I want to ride that train as long as I can before she grows up too much.

Team Trace

As I look ahead to summer sewing, I realized that a lot of the patterns in my stash are cut to a size that I’m not. In my planning for warmer weather, I decided to reprint some of my favorite patterns. My recent size change has made me realize the value tracing my patterns. Even though I mostly use PDF patterns and I have access to free copyshop printing, it’s still sad to start a project and realize I don’t have the size I need. So I bought a whopping 5 rolls of tracing paper and reprinted some of my favorite summer patterns.

Sewcialists Zero Waste

Alongside my personal sewing, I’m part of the Sewcialists team. February’s Sewcialist’s theme was Zero Waste. Even though zero waste design wasn’t something I was particularly interested in, I loved learning about other ways to be mindful sewing waste. Even more so, I loved getting to know guest authors as we worked together to get their pieces published. I thought I’d highlight a couple of my favorites.

Kim took a hard look at how plus-size drafting is treated in zero waste design in her piece Zero Waste Sewing: Piecing together to solve sizing challenges. My other favorite was Monelle sharing her scrap quilted jacket in Zero Waste Sewing: Giving New Life to Scraps. In addition to coordinating these guest posts, I’ve been working on our next focus on accessibility! I’m really excited to be doing some writing and educating next month as we dive into sewing with disabilities and neurodiversity.

March Plans

I have to admit, I’m a little anxious about March coming up. I’m already feeling a lot around the anniversary of Covid. Though, what a great time to talk about accessibility and ableism, right? I’m also a little nervous looking at all things I’ve said “yes” to. Somehow the timelines of two pattern tests and four Minerva projects have all converged and are happening in the month of March. I’ll be a busy bee!

If I have time and energy I’d really like to participate in the #SewYellowForEndo. It’s an Instagram sewing challenge hosted by Jess of @SoWhatIfISew to benefit and raise awareness about Endometriosis by sewing and posting yellow makes. I have a couple yellow fabrics in my stash that I could use, but I’m not making any plans just yet.

Hope you enjoyed my little recap. I’m excited to see what March brings. Til then, happy sewing!