I’m not usually one to plan a capsule wardrobe. It always seemed reserved for minimalists which I, respectfully, am not. But as I was looking at the gaps in wardrobe and fabrics in my stash, it kind of just fell into place. I was going through my collection of fabrics and pattens looking at some combinations to make a couple new tops and some shorts. I realized that the plans for a capsule wardrobe were right in front of me!

As you can see, I’m deep in the throws of a love affair with PINK! I’ve never really worn pink before and this year I discovered that I love it. It’s a great color for tops since it matches most of my current wardrobe and they will pair nicely with the purple and olive linens that will turn into shorts. The polka dot viscose and the pink washed linen are going to become dresses.

I love pink. Pink loves me.


I’ve been a bit bummed about rotating the same three tops between all of my skirts and pants. Somehow I end up making dresses and bottoms, so I need to even out my making a little bit by making some tops. I’m so excited to have more options and versatility in my wardrobe!

I tested the Forget-Me-Not Lola blouse earlier this year and I wear my sky blue version all the time. It’s light and breezy and looks great with jeans or tucked into skirts. This linen-look viscose beautiful but it’s not easy to sew with. It grows and stretches like crazy. Thankfully this pattern is really straight forward so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I’ve been loving tops with grown on sleeves. I have a couple but I’ve really been wanting a full-on box top. There are loads of box top patterns out there. After much deliberation, I went with the Paper Theory Kabuki because it uses the least amount of fabric. Just over a meter for my size! I bought this gorgeous viscose crepe from the Lapjesmart in February 2019. I’m a little scared to cut into it but also really excited!

This sleeve detail! Oh. My. Gosh! Jo of Forget-Me-Not Patterns has been teasing some tester pictures of the Iris Pleated Tee the last couple weeks. I bought it as soon as it was released. I’ve never been so excited about a T-shirt! This fabric is a bouncy cotton jersey from Textielstad. They have huge range of colors but I fell in love with this light peachy pink.

Another Hana tank! This will be my fourth time making the Pattern Scout Hana. However, it will be the first time making the cropped version and the first time making it in a drapey fabric. I picked up this ultra light viscose from Stoff & Stil last year. I’ve used it to toile a couple dresses but now it’s going to become a wardrobe staple as a top.


For a while I was thinking ” I have plenty of skirts – what do I need shorts for?” Then I walked around the zoo on a very hot, very humid day and the thigh chaffing has convinced me otherwise. Rather than purchasing new patterns, I have a couple pants patterns in my stash that come with shorts variations.

Love Notions recently updated and rereleased the Allegro Bottoms. I initially bought it hoping to make some cropped pants or joggers for cooler days. For now, I’m planning to make the shorty shorts from this heavy linen-cotton. Purple isn’t usually I color I go for, but I kept coming back to this one. Since I haven’t made shorts before I’m going to make a (hopefully) wearable toile from some linen leftovers in my stash.

When I bought Tilly’s new book Make It Simple, I didn’t think my first project would be the Safiya trousers. I wasn’t really drawn to the crop length but when I saw them shortened I decided I should make them. I think this pattern will adapt well for refashioning my failed Lima dress. I’m hoping to cut the shorts from the skirt while keeping the side seams and pockets intact. My plan is to pin the pattern pieces together at the side seams and match them to the side seams of the skirt. I’m a bit skeptical, but I can’t let this lovely washed linen go to waste.


While sewing separates is my priority, I can’t not dream about summer dresses. Dresses are my favorite pieces to make and to wear. In the summer I love wafting around in loose fitting dresses that catch the breeze and keep me cool.

I downloaded the Fibre Mood Elma as soon as it was released. It is everything I’ve been looking for. Last summer I fell in love with the Etoile dress by French Poetry but sadly, their size range is pretty limited (only up to 42.5″ bust). Elma is a bit different, but it still checks the boxes for a swishy, poof-sleeved waistless dress. I’m going to make a toile before cutting into my very precious dotty viscose that I’ve treasured for three years. It’s one of the oldest pieces in my stash and I’m both terrified and excited to cut into it.

Last year I made a hacked version of the Wearable Studio Heidi dress with a ruffle hem and tie straps. I was devastated that the fabric snagged basically every time I breathed. This time I want to not only add the ruffle to the hem but to the straps as well. I picked up this washed linen from Textielstad a couple weeks ago. It. Is. Glorious. It’s so soft and drapey. I seriously can’t wait to wear this against my skin.

So there you have it, my summer capsule goals! Eight garments is more than I’d usually make in two months, so I’m not making any promises to finish everything. However, I’m really excited about these plans and I hope that energy carries me through to complete at least most of them. I’m getting started this week with the Safiya shorts and the Hana tank. I’ll report back soon! Thanks for reading and happy sewing!