I’ve been sick this week and have had some pretty crazy dreams – like the one where my friend got dehydrated and his lungs froze and broke off, but everything was fine. Pretty weird stuff. This morning, though, I woke up from a sweet and pleasant dream. I’m now dreaming about dressmaking. I feel like that’s some kind of milestone in the progression of my sewing obsession. I dreamed that I had made my own wedding dress and it was perfect. Now I’m already married and I wore a beautiful dress (photos from the amazing Velvet Owl Photography).


But this dream got me thinking and I thought I’d share it with you. I can’t remember if my dream was marrying Paul for the first time or if we were renewing our vows or something, but this dress was amazing and I’m super inspired now. Like my real-life wedding dress, this dream dress also featured colorful embroidered tule but was totally different. In contrast to my actual wedding dress that was a lovely glam mermaid style with pastel accents, my dream dress was a softer tule A-line with embroidered sunflowers. Sunflowers! So cute! Instead of a fancy jewel and feather fascinator, I wore a simple vintage straw piece somewhere between a hat and a fascinator (images from pinterest).


When I woke up, I thought “Oh my gosh, I really want this dress to be real! I should make it!” but there’s lots of reasons why that wouldn’t be a great use of time and resources – mainly, I don’t need a wedding dress. But! Perhaps I can use it to make a simpler, more everyday dress that still reminds me of the fabulous dress I dreamed up and still hold that sentimental value. Next summer marks 10 years since Paul and I met in Berlin, so naturally we’re planning a little city break trip. Because of this dream, I’m now thinking of a dress to make for that trip. Here are some inspiration photos (pinterest).


I’ve seen this exact embroidered netting everywhere this summer, and now I can’t seem to find it for sale online here in Europe, but it is for sale in the states at Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics. When I was at the Stoffen Spektakel last month I think I saw 4 or 5 different vendors selling it for anywhere between €12-25/meter, so there’s still hope! Plus look at this gorgeous By Hand London Elisalex dress by Kate Eva Designs.

Even Simplicity came out with a pattern for sheer fabrics. They used this embroidered netting as one of their fabric samples for their spring released Simplicity 8545.

Next summer is a long way away and it may seem silly to plan a project almost a year in advance, but I just woke up so excited at the thought of strolling around Berlin for my anniversary in an everyday mashup of my wedding dress and a dress I dreamed about making. How cool is that? Topped off with a vintage hat and big sunglasses! Stuff of dreams!