Hello, July! It’s been a while, eh? I didn’t have a chance to blog about my Me Made May and my makes before I left for a month in America. I have so much to share and so here’s my catch up blog! I sewed like crazy in May and then not a single stitch in June.  In this post I’ll share my latest makes and new skills as well as my experiences with Me Made May.

May Makes

Clockwise: Chalk + Notch Orchid Midi, Mash-up Vogue 9182 & 9328, Chalk + Notch Farrah, Sew Over It 1940’s Wrap Dress.

These four makes took my sewing to the next level. I’m so proud of my growth through each one, but by the end of the month, I was exhausted. Between testing a pattern, making two garments for the Minerva Crafts Blog, continuing my wrap dress exploration, and preparing for our trip to America, I was pretty burnt out. I’m really pleased with each make (I’ve been wearing my Farrah constantly!) and even more so I’m excited about all the new skills I’ve added to my sewing arsenal.

New skills and techniques

  • Burrito Yoke!!!
  • Slash Pockets
  • Elasticated Drawstring
  • Miltered Corner
  • Rolled Narrow Hem
  • Walking Foot

I’m most excited about learning the burrito method. It always seemed so intimidating, but the instructions for the Orchid Midi were so clear and helpful. It was so empowering to take on and accomplish something I’d been avoiding for a long time. It unlocked something for me and now I feel like I can learn anything! The other game changer was learning to use my walking foot. I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without it. Never again will I sew a tricky fabric without it!

Me Made May

My first time participating in Me Made May was really great. It was fun and informative to observe what I actually wear. My goals were to wear my home-sewn items as much as was reasonable and to be more attentive with my general appearance. The first half of the month was especially challenging since it was freezing and most of my me-mades are more summery. Even so, I feel more connected to my wardrobe and have a better idea of the kinds of garments I wear and want to make. Here’s what I wore the most:

Clockwise: Mrs. Depew Hooverette dress, Deer and Doe Plantain tee, Vogue mashup dress V9182 + V9328 dress, Simplicity 1166 skirt.

In addition to wearing more home-sewn clothing, I also challenged myself to take more time and put in a little more effort in my appearance in the mornings.  On days I knew I’d just be at home with Ember, I tended to stay in loungewear and just throw my hair up in a messy bun. While I never want to let my appearance impact my feelings regarding my self worth, it was really empowering for me to set aside 10 extra minutes to do my hair and makeup in a way that I actually like. Often I had told myself that it wasn’t worth it to wear a nice dress or do my hair. Over time, I think that translated to “I’m not worth the time and effort.” That’s just not true. While I choose to be happy with myself in whatever I wear, with or without makeup, I found that it’s important for me to take time and effort in my appearance as an act of self care and creative expression. It’s amazing how much it helped me feel present, connect and engaged. It’s not something I’ll vow to do seven days a week, but it was a great reminder about the power of attention and self care.

Thanks for catching up with me. I’m settling back into life at home and am easing my way back into sewing. Look out for my July plans post coming up soon!