So it’s May already. I still don’t quite feel settled into 2021. Maybe it’s the pandemic and maybe I’m just getting older, but time is sure flying by. April felt so full, but I think I can attribute much of that feeling to mental and emotional processing. It’s all good stuff, but it’s a lot. I’m somehow feeling tired and energized at the same time. Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to!

Minerva Brand Ambassador Makes*

*Minerva provides fabric in exchange for post on their website. I am under no obligation to post on my own channels.
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I usually only do one or two projects for Minerva per month, but not this month! Due to Brexit and Covid, shipping got really backed up. Suddenly four months worth of fabric all showed up at the same time! I probably could have just asked for a bit more time given the circumstance, but instead I decided to power through and whip up six garments!

My Hughes dress was quite the journey, but I love where I ended up! I didn’t quite have enough fabric for the panel skirt (directional fabric problems). I tapped into my stash and decided to use the Melinda skirt from Sew Altered Style. It’s a gathered midi skirt with huge pockets. I ended up removing about 6 inches of the length and I couldn’t be happier!

This Tamzin dress broke my heart. Somehow I traced and cut the wrong size. It’s so floaty and gorgeous. It feels so amazing to wear. Sadly, the fabric started pulling apart at the back princess seams. I’m hoping I can repair it and then send it to my mom.

When I saw this brushed cotton back in December, I knew it would be perfect for a fun Mommy-and-Me set! It’s so cozy and soft. I made the adult version of the Chalk + Notch Wren last month and loved it so much I decided to immediately make one for Em. It’s such a fun sew and turned out so cute! For me, I chose the March top which was also really fun to sew!

Lastly, I made Em and me some matching aprons! Ember loves cooking with us, which is adorable, but messy. I had initially planned to make a jacket from this coated cotton, but when a whole load of laundry came out with cooking stains, I decided aprons were more of a necessity. Plus they’re Ems favorite color!

New Patterns

Friends, I might have a problem. My Sewing Plans list is already miles long. Still, I bought three new patterns this month! I have no business buying new patterns, but here we are.

I’ll give myself a pass for the first one. The Cashmerette Concord Tee is on my Make 9, but I hadn’t bought the pattern yet. I was going to be sensible and purchase it when I was ready to make it. Those plans went out the window when Cashmerette had a sale to celebrated the release of their 0-16 extended sizing. It just made sense to snatch it up.

While researching beginner pants patterns for a Sewcialists post, I determined I had to have the Fremantle pants from Elbe Textiles. I have a really good feeling about the fit of these ones. Because they’re mid-rise and unisex, I think the lower hip to waist ratio is going to work for me and my full tum/flat bum combo.

Lastly, I picked up the new Mave skirt from True Bias. I’ve been half self-drafting elastic skirts, and they’ve been just okay. I could spend more time and energy on making a better self-drafted skirt, but I was happy to pay for the work to be done for me. I love that they are so many options for the tiers. I have a feeling this pattern might replace the skirt I had planned for my Make 9.

New Fabric

I fell very hard in love with this fabric when I saw it on Instagram. Laura of was doing a fabric destash and I was so, so excited to get this. It’s unlike any fabric I’ve every bought, but everything about it was calling to me! I love the color palette and those sneaky faces. They actually remind me of the logo of a bakery my mom used to take me to when I was a kid. I know it’s a little silly, but I love finding those little sentimental connections. Anyway, I’m hoping to make a blouse to go with my soon-to-be-cut-out purple linen Free Range Slacks!

Sewing Community

Did I buy a bedroom mirror just for Me Made May? Maybe…but I love it! The first part of my pledge is to record everything I wear each day and try to shake up my outfit rotation a bit. I’ll try to post outfit photos to my IG stories, but I’m not going to be too strict about it. The second part of my pledge is to show myself some love. I’ve been feeling a bit raw lately and could use some tenderness. Along with recording my outfit, I’ve pledged to write myself a little daily affirmation. I may or not end up sharing them since it’s mostly for me.

Before going on hiatus, Sewcialists is hosting one more theme month. All Butts Welcome is gonna be celebration of bodies, butts and the clothes we make to fit them. I had planned on making another pair of Free Range Slacks, but after writing up the beginner pants pattern round up, I went out and bought the Frementle Pants from Elbe Textiles. So now I’m not sure! Either way, I’m excited to learn more about fitting techniques and see everyone’s proects!


I mentioned that I’ve had a lot on my mind recently. Like many of us during this pandemic, I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection. I’ve been thinking a lot about health, size, trauma, values and identity, and of course, how all of that translates into my sewing practice. I’m not quite ready to share just yet, but I’m hoping to share some of these thoughts with you all soon.

As always thanks for reading and happy sewing!