I have a tiny closet. For the most part I like having a small space for my clothes. It means that at the season’s change I temporarily say goodbye to the garments that recently served me and say hello to my “new” set of clothes that have been packed away in the attic. I really enjoy this ritual. It also means an evaluation, which I also very much enjoy. I check the fit of everything and determine if anything needs mending, altering, or even replacing.

I’ve been doing this process for a couple years now, but was really excited when I found the One Year Sewn hashtag and the blogs written by Vicky of Sewstainabity and Joy of Pink Coat Club. So excited that I decided to join them and share my makes from Spring and Summer 2019.

I have to admit that I had some big feelings about pulling out my spring and summer collection from last year. Spoiler: most of these garments doesn’t work for me anymore. Between changes in weight and style plus general garment wear and tear, there’s not a lot that made the cut. I was pretty sad. Anyone who sews garments for themselves knows how much of yourself you pour into a piece. It’s a real bummer not to be able to wear it anymore.

Despite these disappointments, I still love this process. Having taken a closer look at these makes I’ve been inspired to change things up and fix up the garments that aren’t working. Here’s what I made in the spring and summer of 2019 and my assessment of each item.

(Original blog posts are linked. Some makes were collaborations. Pattern Tests are marked with * indicating I received the pattern in exchange for private feedback. Minerva Maker projects are marked with ** indicating I received fabric in exchange for post on the Minerva blog.)

Mrs. Depew 1930’s Hooverette: I loved this dress! I wore it so much last summer, to death really. The fabric has worn through and I’m really sad about it. I’d really like to make another one in a drapey linen blend.

*Untitled Thoughts Amelie: This was my first pattern test! So special! However, I had a fair share of issues with this dress. Last summer I removed the bodice and loved wearing it around as just a skirt, but the waistband is still too big and is coming apart a little. My plan is to remove the waistband and create a new one with an elasticated back.

**Vogue Mashup Sundress: This dress is a winner! I still really love this one and everything has held up well. I just finished re-securing the buttons and snaps, and I finally hand stitched the lining. It’s a little tight across the bust these days, but not unwearabley so. One hurdle with this dress is that it doesn’t layer well because of the midi length (instant grandma!). I could shorten it, but I think a better solution is to make a cropped cardigan like the Cashmerette Fuller or Jennifer Lauren Juniper.

*Chalk + Notch Orchid: I was so excited to get this garment of storage! I wore it the first chance I got. Only…it’s not a dress anymore! I hated how floopy the bodice was. I suspect I choose the wrong size. I replaced the bodice with an elastic waistband last summer and I have loved it ever since.

**Chalk + Notch Farrah: Too small. Too frilly. Poorly finished. This dress got the seam ripper the other night. I love this fabric, but it’s a little on the girly side for me so I’m unsure what to make with it. I have some extra fabric and I’m thinking maybe another Orchid midi skirt, but I’m not totally sure yet.

1940’s Wrap Dress: I love the shape of this dress on me, but it feels a bit fancy. I’m wondering if I took off the sleeves if it would feel a bit more casual? I also still need to slipstitch the waistband. It’s embarrassing to say that I’ve been wearing it unstitched! I just hate hand sewing so much.

**Wearable Studio Heidi Hack: This one makes me so sad. I loved this dress so much, but it’s unwearable now. The fabric really let me down. It snags on ev-er-y-thing. But the shape is so beautiful. I’m definitely replicating this dress this summer.

*Pattern Scout Hana: Major favorite! I’ve worn it throughout the winter with long sleeves underneath. I can’t say enough good things about this pattern and this dress.

***Pattern Scout Hana: Another Hana! I’m wearing this one right now. It’s still a favorite, but it does need some TLC. The buttons are pulling at the bust line a little so I’ll have to add some snaps. This linen is so good.

**Ready to Sew Justine: I made this skirt to go with the Hana tank using the same fabric and buttons. It’s a little tight but I don’t think it needs any alterations. The only thing is that I only have a couple of tops that I can wear with it. Making some solid tops is high on my priority list this summer.

So there it is! My ten makes from last spring and summer. I don’t know if it’s the Covid quarantine or what, but I’m feeling more interested in reworking old garments than I am feeling the urge to make use of the virgin fabrics in my stash. I’m even going back to things from 2017 and 2018 that I’ve made or abandoned. I’ve also learned the value of elastic waist! My shape has changed so much in the last three years. All of these ups and downs have convinced me that everything could use a little more give.

I hope you enjoyed that little venture into my closet. I’ll be back soon with some remakes and refashions! Happy sewing!