Happy July! We’re halfway through the year already! I’m back after taking a little sewing break during June when I visited my friends and family in America. It was nice to step away for a bit, but I’m ready to jump back in!

My sewing projects this month include making my friend a little sundress for her birthday, sewing a tropical outfit for the Minerva Crafts blog, finishing my Vintage Inspired series of wrap dresses and some sentimental upcycle crafting. I’m also so excited that I’ll have a friend visiting from the states this month!

Selfless Sewing: Cherry Blossom Sundress

When I saw this red cherry blossom floral at the market last spring, I knew I had to buy extra so I could make something for Marcy. Originally, I wanted the whole thing to be a surprise, but I was at a loss about what pattern to make for her, so I caved and showed her the fabric. She picked View C of New Look 6373.

Since it’ll be the first time I make something for someone else (well besides my husband or baby), I’m happy the pattern is super simple. I think the swishy viscose crepe will be perfect for the slip dress style. It’s perfect for summer and early fall because it’s light and breezy but still opaque.

Tropical Dream Tank Midi Dress

My second project this month is in collaboration with Minerva Crafts. I selected this beautiful Lady McElroy viscose dobby in exchange for a upcoming guest post on their blog. I’m not incentivized to post about the fabric here or on any of my social media, but I have to say that this fabric is so cool! I love the textured diamond weave. I decided to go with a simple, flowy midi dress.

The closest thing I had in my pattern stash is the Wearable Studio Heidi Day Dress.  It’s a free dress pattern featuring a simple shift shape, bust darts, back pleats and waist ties. My plan is to gather a wide rectangle at the hem to transform the chic knee-length shift dress into a swishy, 70’s-inspired tropical midi dream. To further enhance the summery vibes, I’ll also make the straps into flirty little shoulder ties.

Vintage Inspired 70’s Wrap Dress

My last dressmaking project is the How to Do Fashion No.12 Aalborg dress. It’s the final piece in my Vintage Inspired series for my ongoing wrap dress project. All the 70’s elements are here with the midi-length, the shawl collar, and the gorgeous statement sleeves. I love it!

I bought this beautiful geometric viscose from Minerva Crafts. The website typed it as a “crepe” and it definitely isn’t. It’s the softest, lightest viscose I’ve ever touched. It’s so fine and delicate. I know I’ll love wearing it, but I think the sewing is going to be tricky.

McGuire Theatre Mementos

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a long post about my collegiate theatre program closing. I was grateful to get to say goodbye before the space is remodeled into a lecture hall. We had a wonderful alumni gathering where we helped dismantle the space as an act of closure.

In the dismantling, I got to take a piece of the curtain. The curtain is made of a thick, black plush fabric – sort of like a whaleless corduroy.  I’m planning to make little bookmarks for myself and the other core alumni. A bookmark isn’t a radical make, but it’s a nice way for all of us to take a little piece of the theatre with us. I’m even considering learning some embroidery to embellish a couple special ones.

Thanks for tuning into my sewing plans! I’ll pop back in soon to share my makes!