Spring is here! I’m so excited for spring sewing! I have some really exciting projects coming up. I’ve also started following Charlotte Powell’s new page Sewcial Events and Challenges on Instagram. She keeps track of tons of challenges and sewalongs and makes it so easy to participate. For April, my goals are to join in Sew That Pattern Now, Animal Print April and Sew Over It’s Selfless Sewing Month.  Additionally, I’m pattern testing for the first time. So exciting! And of course, my wrap dress journey continues! These plans aren’t set in stone. They’re goals and if I don’t quite make it, I’m not gonna be stressed about it – except the for pattern testing, there’s a real deadline there!

Must-Makes: Amelie & Hoverette

The first is the forthcoming pattern from Untitled Thoughts, the Amelie dress. (Don’t worry, Brittani said we could share our projects on blogs and social media. Check out her Instagram for some sneaky peeks.) It’s a vintage inspired sundress with some really fun details. It’s an intermediate pattern and I’ve gotta admit that I’m a little nervous. Since there’s a lot going on in the construction, I’ve opted to make it out a soft, lightweight quilting cotton. It’s one of the suggested fabrics for the pattern. I think it will have enough structure to support the peek-a-boo detail while keeping with the whimsical air of the design.

My second dress project is the Hoverette dress by Mrs. Depew. Later this week, I’ll be posting a blog about the three patterns I’ve chosen for my Vintage Inspired set of wrap dresses. The first one is a 1930’s reproduction of house dress that featured a quick, easy closure – the wrap! I’m using a midnight blue spotty viscose from Stoffen-Hemmers.nl for my dress body and belt. I’m contrasting the sleeve cuffs, flat collar and pocket trim with a white viscose for a sailor inspired look.



Sew That Pattern Now: Pussy Bow Bow OR Plantain Tee

The premise of the Sew That Pattern Now is to sew up a pattern that’s been neglected and unmade in the stash. I have a lot of options for this project. I own almost 100 women’s patterns (91 to be exact!) and I’ve only made 19. Most aren’t cut, or even printed.

I’ve decided to make a top because that’s what’s really lacking in my wardrobe. Ideally I’d love to make the Sew Over It Pussy Bow blouse that I’ve been wanting forever, but the pattern requires a lot hand sewing. I hate hand sewing. So I’m making my self the following allowance: If I have a lot happy sewing energy after finishing my other projects, I’ll take on the PBB. If not, I’ll keep it simple with a Deer & Doe Plantain tee. Deal? Deal.


Selfless Sewing Month: S8613 & S8706

For Selfless Sewing Month, obviously I’m not going totally selfless, but I’ve got a couple things planned for the baby girl and husband. After I made the Simplicity 8613 tee for my husband last month, he’s not only decided that he wants more of them, but he also wants to help me make them! I said sure and asked him to pick some colors. We spent over two hours on StoffStil.com as he photoshopped color combinations on a tracing of the line drawing! We landed on an off-white base and dark heather for the sleeves. I thought I spent too much time planning my makes…

While we were browsing the jersey section of Stoff & Stil’s website, I came across the sweetest butterfly print jersey. I got enough to make a dress for baby girl and to make a matching headband for me. I was tempted to go full matchy-matchy and buy enough for a dress or tee for me. Even though I love the print, I know it’s not really one I would actually wear. I think I’ll use Simplicity 8706 again, but I’ll crop the top and add and gathered skirt. The best part is, this make will double for Selfless Sewing Month and Animal Print April!

Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to show these off once they’re made up!